Strong with a sleek finish

Sustainable and with infinite possibilities with regard to combination: as a product that is 90% natural, composite has been a great favourite in kitchens for years on end. It's the ideal combination for anyone looking for a durable and sleek result! By mixing grains of quartz with resins and pigments, we create a kitchen worktop that not only has a modern appeal but is also highly stain and scratch-resistant. Shapes, colours and textures: Louis Culot creates the composite kitchen worktop or counter that exceeds all your expectations.
Strong and durable
Trendy and fun colours
90% natural product
Available thicknesses: 1.2 cm, 2 cm and 3 cm
Multiple structures

Visit our showroom in Puurs for personal advice

Do you want to choose a worktop that perfectly reflects your taste and lifestyle? We will be happy to make time for you! Are you planning to renovate? Or are you embarking on a new build project? Our specialist craftsmen will be happy to receive you in our state-of-the-art showroom, where we will discuss your plans with you, down to the smallest detail. Colours, tiles, shapes and textures: we will create a personalized mood board and draw up a transparent quotation to guide you on your journey to the ultimate kitchen worktop or counter. How about a package of samples and maintenance tips? These are included in our service as a standard!

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  • Silestone Arcilla Red Suede
  • Silestone Arden Blue
  • Silestone Ariel
  • Silestone Bianco River
  • Silestone Blanco City
  • Silestone Blanco Maple
  • Silestone Blanco Norte
  • Silestone Blanco Orion
  • Silestone Blanco Stellar
  • Silestone Blanco Zeus
  • Silestone Cala Blue Suede
  • Silestone Calacatta Gold
  • Silestone Calypso
  • Silestone Camden Suede
  • Silestone Cemento Spa
  • Silestone Charcoal Soapstone
  • Silestone Cincel Grey Suede
  • Silestone Classic Calacatta
  • Silestone Coral Clay
  • Silestone Corktown Suede
  • Silestone Desert Silver
  • Silestone Dusk
  • Silestone Faro White Suede
  • Silestone Glow
  • Silestone Gris Expo
  • Silestone Haze
  • Silestone Iconic White
  • Silestone Kensho
  • Silestone Lagoon
  • Silestone Lyra
  • Silestone Marengo
  • Silestone Marquina
  • Silestone Miami Vena
  • Silestone Miami White
  • Silestone Negro Stellar Polished
  • Silestone Negro Tebas
  • Silestone Niebla
  • Silestone Noctis
  • Silestone Noir
  • Silestone Noka
  • Silestone Nolita
  • Silestone Poblenou Suede
  • Posidonia Green Suede
  • Silestone Rougui
  • Silestone Royal Reef
  • Silestone Seaport Suede
  • Silestone Serena
  • Silestone Snowy Ibiza
  • Silestone Statuario
  • Silestone White Arabesque
  • Silestone White Storm
  • Silestone Yukon
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