Give your kitchen worktop or counter the care it deserves.

A stylish, high-quality kitchen worktop needs the right maintenance. Louis Culot developed, together with specialised producer Akemi, a range of cleaning products that will keep your kitchen worktop in tip-top condition! 

The best treatment for your marble counter top or composite kitchen worktop? Do you need to clean your Dekton or ceramic kitchen worktop, protect it or remove greasy film from it? Our maintenance products help you get the most out of your kitchen, from minor tidying up to powerful cleaning. 


Cleaning, maintenance and care: discover the high-quality products offered by Louis Culot!


LC Daily Cleaner,
maintenance in the blink of an eye

Spraying, cleaning and degreasing: LC Daily Cleaner is a must-have in every kitchen. The carefully composed cleaning formula is ideal for the fast daily maintenance of your kitchen worktop or kitchen island in composite, natural stone, ceramic or Dekton. 

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LC Power Cleaner,
a powerful cleaning product for kitchens

Would you like to treat your kitchen worktop to some really thorough cleaning from time to time? Our LC Power Cleaner is the number one maintenance solution for worktops in natural stone, composite and ceramic. Caked-on food scraps, oils and grease stains: our Power Cleaner for intensive cleaning produces a sparkling result.

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LC Triple Effect,
natural stone impregnation and maintenance

A kitchen worktop in natural stone requires specialised maintenance. A thorough cleaning that prevents staining? Clean, care and protect: the LC Triple Effect lets you score in all three areas! The best way to boost the resilience of your kitchen worktop!  

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Quartz Clean & Care,
to keep your composite kitchen worktop at its best

Quartz Clean & Care is a versatile spray with double power: apart from regular cleaning, this maintenance product also makes your worktop moisture and grease-repellent. The result? A tip-top composite worktop that looks sparkling new. Please note: this product is not suitable for Silestone worktops.

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