Activate your warranty* in a few clicks

Assure yourself of the carefree use of your worktop and activate your warranty no later than 6 months after its installation on and enjoy an extended warranty of 15 (Sensa) or 25 (Dekton, Silestone) years.

* Only for Dekton, Silestone and Sensa. Warning! Warranty does not apply on cracks.

  1. Go to and select your language and country;
  2. Select the appropriate option in the "Your category: I am a:" menu. End consumer;
  3. Indicate the following information under "Where did you buy your worktop?": Worktop purchased from a stoneworker;
  4. Enter 7000219621 where it says "Identification number of the stoneworker";
  5. Enter the remaining details;
  6. Scan or take a photo of your invoice or our delivery note and declare that you accept the terms and conditions of warranty;
  7. Finish by clicking on ‘Register’ to submit and activate your warranty application. Your proof of warranty will be sent to your email inbox straight away. Save it to your computer or print it.

There! You can now start enjoying your brand-new kitchen without a care in the world.